Cause's we care about

Pando Coffee is named after the Pando Tree, the world's largest tree located in the heart of Utah. A tree that spreads out across 106 acres and has been connecting and re-connecting to build its community of trees for over 9,000 years! Just as we aspire to do, Pando is always looking for opportunities to work in sustainable ways and make new connections.

Pando Tree Outline

In 2023, Pando Coffee became an official sponsor of Friends of Pando, a Utah-based organization that is working and dedicated to Pando’s study and care. Just as we work to sustain natural resources and support fellow Utahans, Friends of Pando’s “Pando Ambassador” programs creates jobs for rural Utahans working to study and care for this Utah wonder. We are proud to share will donate to support this unique program and hope you will take some time to learn more about the Pando Tree, and consider joining us in supporting Friends of Pando and their work to care for this Utah wonder without compare.

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