The Many Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

For most of us, drinking coffee starts our day on the right track or gives us a boost when we need it. Without coffee, we wouldn’t be able to function. Meeting in the morning? Need coffee first. Gotta work on a project in the afternoon? Need coffee first. Just had dinner with some friends and need a pick-me-up? Coffee. That’s how embedded it is in our lives. But with a lot of us now staying at home, we aren’t able to access our favorite coffee shops to get that perfect brew anymore so maybe it’s time to learn a little bit more about it and do it ourselves.

Though it may be a bit intimidating or confusing at first, it’ll be worth it to give it a shot because isn’t coffee the one thing we can expect to get us moving? Allow us to share with you the many ways to get that perfect brew at home.

  • French Press

  • A classic method, the French press brews coffee with just coffee grounds and hot water. You won’t need to use a paper filter so you don’t get additional waste. It takes a bit of practice to get that perfect, robust coffee but once you do it right, you’ll never go back to anything else. To get started, make sure you are using a coarser grind that fine grind as this could lead to a very bitter, over-extracted brew. 

    How: Pour Pando Coffee grounds into the carafe and fill with boiling water. Just give it a quick stir to make sure that all coffee grounds are in touch with the water. Wait for 4 minutes then put the lid on and slowly press the plunger down to press all the grounds through the water and to the bottom of the carafe. Pour the French press coffee into a mug and enjoy!

    We advise you not to let the coffee sit in your French press too long. Quickly decant it into a thermos or mug since it could get over-extracted if left in the device for too long.

  • Aeropress

  • A newer device compared to the French press, this one is faster and gives you a smooth brew with low acidity. The way it works is, it has a plunger that forces hot water and coffee grounds through a replaceable filter into your cup. The best thing about the aeropress is that it’s compact and lightweight so you’re able to bring it anywhere you go. Because of how portable it is, the device is a favorite among travelers and mountaineers who want to enjoy the perfect brew at any hotel, airbnb or destination.

    How: To get your coffee, place Pando Coffee grounds in the brew chamber and add hot water. Let the hot water steep for a bit and press down the plunger to create air pressure that forces the brewed coffee through a filter and into a cup.

  • Pour Over

  • Go old school with the pour over method. This one is the simplest, cheapest and oldest way of brewing coffee—yet it proves that you don’t need fancy gadgets to get that world class coffee experience. All you’ll need is a pour over filter, a filter cone and you’ll be good. You can choose from either a ceramic cone or a plastic one and try to get the hang of it from a few tries.

    How: Place your cone over a vessel like your cup or a carafe. Chemex is a great product for pour over and you do not need a cone for this, just paper filters. Next, place a pour over coffee filter on top of the cone. To get the full flavor of coffee, rinse the filter by flushing it with boiling water first and let it drip fully. This water will be collected in the vessel you placed under the cone, discard it. Doing this gets rid of any papery bits or flavors that might mix with your coffee. Place your cone back over the vessel and add your coffee grounds. Give the cone a bit of shake to make it even and add boiling water. Ratio should be 16:1 of water to coffee. Wait for just 30 seconds and your coffee will start to bloom. Add more boiling water following a circular motion (slowly, and not all at once). Make sure the cone does not fill totally with water. Keep repeating until your vessel is full of freshly brewed Pando coffee.

    These methods are sure to give you that quality experience that you’re looking for. But before anything else, to get the best coffee experience, you’ve got to start with the right coffee blend. At Pando Coffee, you get a ethically sourced coffee, blended and roasted to perfection by our master roasters. It’s world-changing coffee that’s rich, smooth, and aromatic without a hint of bitterness to get you going.